The interesting Elimae site has been altered to keep you from bypassing the front door. It is understandable that they wish you to read their publishing information.

It is unfortunate that they have not included that information or links to it on each of their internal pages but have instead chosen heavy formatting. Therefore you note that a surfer is now bounced back to their entry page, after trying to use our historical markers link. Ok, if you want the step-by-step details of how to find Kozlowski's entertaining Historical Markers--Upstate piece:

At the Elimae home page (where you get bounced to) click to enter. Choose "archive" at the top of the new page. Then scroll down and click on "Historical Markers Upstate" under Fiction. That takes you to the relevant work itself, with it placed inside a box.

If you do not care to follow directions and look for links, then you can try this: As soon as you reach Kozlowski's piece from our historical markers link, immediately hit your browser's stop button. That will keep you from being bounced back to the welcome page. Have fun.

We appreciate Elimae featuring writings on their web-site, in the spirit of the Web, even if I personally am not a fan of cascading style sheets and the imposition of formatting "forced" upon our browsers.

Please buy some of Elimae's books, if you are in the market. There are all too few publishers willing to feature writings themselves on the Web. It is not surprising that an outfit, who looks at the medium as part of the message, wishes to present its output in a certain manner -- not surprising, simply inconvenient.
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