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Jacques Marquette
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Winfield Township
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LaSalle Expedition
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Trail of Death
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I encourage you to apply for an Indiana state historical marker. There are lots of interesting and important events, places, people, and things which have not been marked yet. They're waiting for you to step forward and start the project. If you wish to discuss an idea with someone who has gone through the process, e-mail me. If you wish to contact the I. H. B. marker program manager, e-mail her. She and her staff are a helpful and friendly bunch.
Big, official state markers are not the only route. Why not pursue your own local marker program? There are various possible materials that others have used with success, from home-made wooden signs to etched plastic or aluminum to concrete.

Franklin County markers list
Franklin County markers list
Franklin County markers list

Johnson County markers list
Noble County's Noble Township markers listing
Sullivan County markers list
Fort Wayne D.A.R. markers list
Crawfordsville D.A.R. markers [under construction]
Hanover College markers project article
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