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Gary Evening Post Monday, 1 August, 1910
Map of Love Route Sent to "Siegfried" By Helen Smith, Dashing Millionairess.
Cupid's Tourist Guide
More burning love letters have come to light in the Siegfried-Brunhild romance of Russell Griswold, the gay young cavalier of Rowayton, Conn., and Helen Woodruff Smith, the dashing millionairess of Stamford.  Miss Smith declares these missives simply denounce Griswold as a cur for allowing them to be published.  Griswold retorts by saying they were sufficient to cause him to expect Miss Smith to become his bride, and he therefore wants $50,000 heart balm because his Brunhild failed to fulfill his expectations in this respect.  Whatever of ardor this pair put into their lovemaking is today redoubled in the intensity of feeling displayed in the suit Mr. Griswold has brought against his charmer.  "I love her still," is the theme of his sorrowful song as he tells how she stole his young love, toyed with it for nine years, then tossed it to the winds.  "Blackmail--blackmail!" is the vehement retort of Brunhild, as many of the love notes are signed.  "The Sea of Matrimony; or, Cupid's Tourist Guide," which Miss Smith sent Griswold, was accompanied by a letter asking him if he thought he could steer the boat through the shoals.
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